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Past Speakers 

2022 OIL SPILL CONFERENCE WA - Livestreamed globally

12th May 2022

Livestream copy available. Email or call 1300 667 709

Coral Reef Ecotoxicologist

Australian Institute of Marine Science Queensland 

Dr Andrew Negri

Research Scientist 

CSIRO Aquatic Remote Sensing Team QLD 

David Blondeau-Patissier

PFAS Expert

Environ Pty Ltd 

Dr JImmy Seow 

Marin Ecotoxicologist and Ecologist

Australian Institute of Marine Science QLD 

Mikaela Nordbord

Marine Engineer

Resilient Solutions 

Western Australia 

Wayne O'Brien 

Principal Advisor Incident Management 

Incident Response Unit Environmental Services and regulation 

Queensland Dept of Environment and Science 

Nigel Holmes 

Maritime Environmental

Emergency response incident controller

Dept of Transport WA 

Glen McDermott 

Petroleum Industry of Malaysaia Mutual Aid Group 

Zalina Sungip



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